Have you seen ‘My Life As a Dog’? A film full of life lessons…

‘My Life as a Dog’ is a Swedish film released in 1985 and having just had the privilege of watching it I realised what a truly touching film Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom has created.

In brief, the film is an examination of the adult world through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy in the late ’50s. Ingemar is sent to stay with relatives in the country when his mother becomes seriously ill, and ‘learns valuable lessons about love, separation and growing up’ from the local characters that populate the film.

I loved the resourcefulness of Ingemar (played by Anton Glazenius) who shows great resilience even in the face of tragic life changing events.

ImageThis is a classic film; a worldwide hit when it was first released and it continues to delight on DVD in Swedish with English subtitles (which are not at all intrusive). If you are interested in appreciating some wonderful characterisation, great writing and the ways in which the adult world imposes itself on children, this is 1 hour and 40 minutes not to be missed.


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